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Pedal PowerPedal Power is a game where each player is a bicyclist who wants to have fun. Players plan their trips and attend bicycle events for experiences and fun. Experiences earn the players Joy Points. The players will enjoy Bed & Breakfast, Camping, Mountain Biking, Tandem and Winery experiences throughout the game. Experiences can be had many times as joy and fun are not confined to one trip. The players will also experience days where skies are blue, roads are smooth and enjoy tail winds. Other days players will be chased by dogs, have headwinds, rough roads, flat tires and thunderstorms.

The goal of Pedal Power is to be the bicyclist who has the most fun. Whichever player has the most Joy Points at the end of the game is the bicyclist who had the most joy and fun. Pedal Power is for 2 to 5 players and playing time is 45 to 90 minutes.

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Game Summary

Each player plays the role of a bicyclist who enjoys attending bicycle events around the country. The goal of Pedal Power is to be the player who has had the most fun and joy riding their bicycle by scoring the most Joy points.

Bicyclists will plan their trips by collecting Trip chips in the appropriate colors for their trip. Trip chips in the right combination allow players to attend bicycle events. The events are either Weekend Tours, Week Long Tours or Expeditions. The longer the event the more Experience cubes a player will earn.

There are five types of experiences a player can earn: Winery, Tandem, Mountain Biking, Camping, and Bed & Breakfast represented by different colored cubes. On a player’s turn if they have the right combination of Experience cubes, the Experience cubes can be turned in for an Experience card which earns players Joy points.

Other experiences such as tail winds, blue skies, headwinds, flat tires, dogs and thunderstorms. When these events occur, players earn Joy cubes or Misery cubes as appropriate. In some cases players can decide that the other players experienced these events. Once players have earned enough Misery and Joy cubes, they may choose to tell a story on their turn for Joy points. However, if by the end of the game the players have not told their stories, much misery is had because the players have forgotten their stories and players lose points for the Misery cubes they still have!

At the beginning of the game each player will choose a Tourist card which is hidden from the other players. Tourist cards encourage players to attend events in specific regions of the country. If the player accomplishes their Tourist card by the end of the game, they score the Joy points indicated on the card.

There are four game end bonuses. All-American Tourist, Great Adventurer, Seasoned Cyclist and the Master Storyteller. The bonuses go to the player who attends the most Tours, most Expeditions, collects the most Experience cards and tells the most stories respectively.

At the end of the game add everything up and the player with the most Joy Points wins!


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Pedal Power Game Board

Pedal Power Board

Pedal Power,The Bicycle Touring Game, was released at 2007 Origins International Game Expo.

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