Pedal Power ButtonPedal Power Variations

Try alternate ways of playing Pedal Power.

Variation 1

To reduce the number of Joy cubes and Misery cubes induced into the game use the following Event roll modifications. When attending Weekend and Week Long Tours roll the Event die once. When attending Expeditions roll the Event die twice.

Variation 2

Modified Event roll chart. Event die rolls now only affect the player that is rolling the die. 'Telling a Story' requires 3 Joy cubes (pink) and 1 Misery cube (black).

Download Player AidDownload new Event roll chart and player aid chart. (596K)

Variation 3

Story Card Deck.
Eliminate all die rolling. Joy/Misery Results table is not used. Use the Story cards instead. Shuffle Story cards at beginning of game and place them face down beside the game board.

Whenever a player picks up an Experience cube, the player draws one Story card for each Experience cube they take. The Story cards have a picture of either Joy cubes or Misery cubes. The number of cubes on the card depict how many cubes of the appropriate type the player takes. Discard the story card once cubes are taken.

'Telling a Story' Action requires:
Big Story: 3 Joy cubes (pink) and 1 Misery cube (black) for 5 Joy Points.
Funny Story: 3 Joy cube (pink) for 4 Joy Points.
Short Story: 1 Joy cube (pink) and 1 Misery cube (black) for 2 Joy Points.

Download Story CardsDownload and print out the Story cards. Download Story Cards. (1.5M)
Download 'Tell A Story' Action Chart.


1. Use 32 ounce plastic margarine bowl instead of box top to draw Trip chips from. Handling of the Trip chips is much easier.

2. If you have access to StrataMax games, borrow an additional four color dice. Roll all the dice needed for a Joy/Misery roll all at once and then resolve the rolled dice.

3. To protect the cards use Deck Protectors (card sleeves). The cards can be riffle shuffled if they are shuffled via sides instead of the ends.