Fun Stuff

Miniature Painting

ship smallPhotos of miniatures that I have painted.

Character Meeple Photoshoot

Meeple SmallConnie decided to create a photoshoot of our Character Meeples from MeepleSource. Here are the photos.

Boardgame Links

BoardGameGeekNews: Updated daily with the latest news about upcoming releases and other related industry info.

BoardGameGeek: The boardgame database. People from all over the world have added reviews, pictures, player aids, and opinions about every game that has ever existed. There are forums about games and lots of other stuff. Sometimes the forums are a bit of a free for all. You can spend all day surfing BGG and some people do! BGG is a wonderful resource for researching games.

Opiniated Gamers: Blog postings about boardgames and boardgame news from a variety of boardgamers. Good stuff.

Online Retailers

GameSurplus: Thor and Sarah give excellent service. They are my favorite online retailer. Probably the largest online retailer. They have a nice website and the number of different games they carry is amazing. They provide good service too.

Coolstuff: Another good online retailer.

Meeple Source: So you're a boardgame enthusiast. Meeple People is the website where you can buy Charcter Meeples, T-Shirts, pillows, pins and other boardgame paraphernalia. They've got some cool stuff.