Miniature Painting

Over seven years ago I decided to start painting 25mm miniatures. This page will display the fun things I have painted.

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Tzolk'in - The Mayan Calendar

Main GearClose Up Tikaltzolkin board

Formula De

Start LineBackstretch

Age of Empires

The game Age of Empires: The Age of Discovery contains 360 miniature figures, 10 ships and 60 mininature figures in the expansion. My goal: paint the original 360 figures and 10 ships. The expansion figures will hopefully be completed at a later date. So far after 28 months, the blue, red and green figures are complete, 180 figures. 55 of the purple figures are painted. Things move kind of slow when you only paint during 4 months of the year!

Blue - France

Blue Figures

Red - England

Red Figures

Green - Portugal

Green Figure

All Figures

aoe figures
Green Team
Orange Team
Blue Team
Yellow Team
Purple Team
Red Team


AOE Ship
Shpis Left
Ships Right